3M Steri-Drape Pouch Irrigation Non-fenestrated 50cm X 60cm [Case of 40]


  • Reduces clean-up and costs with polyethylene film, which helps create a resistant to fluid strike-through layer, at the sterile field, to help prevent fluid strike-through and fluid leakage from pouch
  • Pouch contains fluids to keep patient and bed dry and minimize exposure of healthcare personnel to potentially infectious blood and body fluids
  • Translucent matte-finished film allows for visualization of fluids in pouch while reducing glare from drape surface
  • Filter screen of the 1016 pouch catches bone chips and tissue for specimen collection, as well as sponges and instruments to help prevent floor and instrument contamination
  • Exit port of the 1016 pouch allows for continuous suction from pouch to handle larger amounts of fluid

Irrigation pouch which contains an adhesive strip, exit port and screen.

3M™ Steri-Drape™ Irrigation Pouch 1016 is an irrigation pouch which contains an adhesive strip that is designed to collect irrigation fluids during surgical and minor procedures.