Devilbiss Vacuaide 7314 Suction Unit With 800cc Bottle


  • Length: 21.1cm
  • Width: 21.6cm
  • Electrical Requirements: 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Air Flow: 27 l/min
  • 7314P: With internal rechargeable battery
  • Height: 20.3cm
  • Weight: 3kg (7314P), 2kg (7314D)
  • Vacuum Range: 50 TO 550 mmhg
  • Operating temperature: 0-40 °C


The VacuAide 7314 QSU (Quiet Suction Unit) has been designed to perform effective airways suctioning in a comfortable, safe and hygienic way. It has an exceptionally low noise level without compromising suction performance and is suitable for both a clinical and homecare setting. The 7314 VacuAide suction unit offers a 50-550mmHg vacuum range and 0-27 l/min flow range to provide maximum performance. The 7314 is the quietest suction unit we supply, making it more discreet to use portably. It comes with a unique carry case that allows it to be operated without having to remove it from the case; allowing the user to suction comfortably outside the home environment.

The design of the 800ml bottle incorporates the bacterial filter into the canister lid making it easy to replace. The lid itself is made from a flexible material, which allows it to be easily removed yet provides a secure fit. An optional 1200ml collection bottle is also available and can be autoclaved for multi patient use.

The VacuAide QSU is simple to operate with a single on/off switch and easy grip adjustment gauge for setting the suction pressure.

The 7314P QSU suction unit is supplied with its own carry bag designed to allow discreet portable use of the device. The carry bag also features a selection of pockets for neatly storing the power lead and accessories whilst not in use. The internal battery is rechargeable and provides up to 60 minutes of operation.

The VacuAide 7314 is supplied with an additional hydrophobic filter. As a filter can become occluded through secretion or cleaning solution; having a spare filter on hand is recommended.


  • Low noise level
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Can be operated discreetly inside the personal carry case
  • Comes with a 800ml canister (optional 1200ml canister available)
  • Complete with 100-240 V power supply and 12 V DC car adaptor
  • Up to 60 minute internal battery run time (7314P model only)
  • Built to ISO 10079-1