Colour Anodised aluminium frame : Lunar Grey
Choice of Seat width at front (cm) 60/65/70/75
Adjustable Seat Width at back 0 to +5/0 to -4
Choice of seat depth (cm) 43/36 ( short side frame)
48/39 (long side frame)
Adjustable Seat Height
Adjustable push bar position 360° in 45° increments
Overall Width (cm) 33
Overall Height (cm) 103
Overall length with leg rests (cm) 104 including leg rests (short side frame)
109 including standard leg rests ( long side frame)
Overall length without leg rests (cm) 79 ( short side frame )
84 ( long side frame)
Arm rest height (cm) 30 ( without cushion)
Arm rest width ( cm) 5
Arm rest length (cm) 25
Lower-Leg length (cm) adjustable : 39 – 46
Drive Wheels ( diameters in inches) 24 ( rim, hand rim and hub; anodised aluminium, black )
Steering Castors ( diameters in inches) 15/20 // 6/8
Max. User Weight (kg) 250
Weight (kg) 28
Item no 15/20 // 6/8



Options and Accessories

A comprehensive list of options, accessories and configurations is provided on the product order form. Your local MMS Medical product specialist will be happy to advise you.



Take advantage of DIETZ’s experience in solving individual problems for obese patients with the new tauron| range from MMS Medical.

The tauron| is the new XXL product range from DIETZ at MMS Medical. The tauron|rsi – a manual, collapsible XXL wheelchair – is designed to specifically to meet the needs of caring for obese patients. The abduction frame and the abduction side panels optimize the seating position from an ergonomic perspective, allowing obese patients to sit more comfortably.

At the back, the seat width can be adjusted simply by swinging the side panels outwards or inwards. The tauron|rsi thus provides ongoing support during an illness, as it can be easily adapted to changes in the patient’s physical condition.

The innovative collapsing mechanism creates a rigid seat surface based on a tubular construction. When collapsed, the wheelchair is only 33cm wide