Instrapac Disposable Scalpel Blade – Size 10 [Pack of 100]


The disposable sterile scalpel of choice

  • Precision engineering and design to enhance performance.
  • Cost effective single use solution against reusable alternatives.
  • Avoid the risk of fitting and removing blades on reusable handles reusable handles.
  • Robust blade protector to avoid injury and protect Packaging.

The scalpel range for user comfort and control

  • Strong and balanced construction for ease of use.
  • Independently load tested to ensure blade and handle integrity.

The scalpel blade for sharpness and durability

  • Sharp, CNC manufactured precision stainless steel blades to minimise cutting effort.
  • Available with a choice of 3 blade types: No.10, No.11 and No.15.
  • Robust blade protector to avoid injury and protect packaging.

The scalpel with full regulatory compliance

  • Independently certified, class lla medical device.
  • ISO 13485 Medical Devices Quality Management.
  • High ethical rating from the NHS Labour standards Assurance Scheme (LSAS Level 3).
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Standard.